March 1, 2013


One young man went for an IAS Interview.
"When did India get independence?" He was asked.
"The efforts began a few years earlier and final result was in 1947" He replied.

"Who was responsible for our independence?"
"There were so many. Whom to mention? If I name one, it will be a injustice to another." He replied.

"Is corruption the number one enemy in our country?"
"Some research is going on the subject and I can answer with certainly only after seeing the report" He replied.

The interview board was very pleased with his original and thoughtful answers and asked him not to reveal the questions to others, since they were planning to ask the same questions.

When he went out naturally others were curious to know what was asked. He politely declined, but one persistent Santa would not leave him. "At least tell me the answers" he pleaded, and our friend obliged.

Then it was the turn of this Santa. When he went inside, since his resume was slightly illegible, the board member asked him." By the way, what is your date of birth?"
He replied, "The effort began a few years earlier and final result was in 1947."
Somewhat puzzled, they asked another clarification. "What is your fathers name?"
He replied, "There were so many. Whom to mention". If I name one, it will be injustice to another".
The interviewer was incensed.
"Hey! Are you mad or what?"
He replied. "Some research is going on the subject. I can answer with certainty only after seeing the report."

POEM- Intersting

This poem was nominated for the best poem of 2007.

-written by an African Kid

When I born, I Black.
When I grow, I Black.
When I go in Sun, I Black.
When I scared, I Black.
When I sick, I Black, and
When I die, I still Black.

And you White Fellow;

When you born, you Pink.
When you grow, you White.
When you go in sun, you Red.
When you cold, you Blue.
When you scared,you Yellow.
When you sick, you Green, and
When you die, you Gray,
and you calling me Colored.


The Question: Prove that (2/10) = 2
  1. The Arts Student: This is out of the syllabus!
  2. The commerce student: “This is wrong”
  3. The Medical Student: ‘It is strange’. “How it is possible”
  4. The Engineering Student: “It is so easy!”

  5. (2/10)
    Where ‘T’ is common, Hence =wo/en
    Now, ‘W’ =23rd letter and ‘O’ = 15th letter.
    Similarly, ‘E’ =5th and N= 14th.
    Hence (wo/en) = (23+15)/(5+14)
    Hence (2/10)=2
    Engineers are never worried for the: “What is answer”
    They will only ask: “Which answer you want”

February 27, 2013


Are you a professional?

The following short quiz consists of 4 questions and will tell you whether you are qualified to be a “ professional.”

  1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

  2. The correct answer is:
    Open the refrigerator put in the giraffe and close the door.
    This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way.

  3. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?
  4. Open the refrigerator put in the elephant and close the refrigerator.
    Wrong Answer!
    Correct Answer:
    Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door.

    This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions.

  5. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference.

  6. All the animals attend except one.
    Which animal does not attend?
    Correct Answer:
    The Elephant.
    The elephant is in the refrigerator.

    This tests your memory
    OK, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities.

  7. There is a river you must cross. But it is inhabited by crocodiles.

How do you manage it?
Correct Answer:
You swim across.
All the crocodiles are attending the Animal Meeting.
This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.



Question:What is the fullform of maths.
Anwser: Mentaly affected teachers harrasing students

Teacher : Now children , if I saw a man beating a donkey and stopped him
then what virtue would I be showing ?

Teacher :Because of Gandhiji's hard work what do we get on 15th August.
Student:A holiday

Teacher :Tomorrow there will be a lecture on Sun.Everyone must attend it.
Raju:No ma'm! I will not be able to attend it.

Teacher :Why?
Raju:My mother will not allow me to go so far!!!

Teacher:"Can anyone give me an example of Coincidence?"
Johnny:"Sir, my mother and father got married on the same day same time."

Teacher: How old is ur father.
Sunny:As old as I am.
Teacher:How is it possible?
Sunny:He became father only after I was born.

Teacher:There is a frog,Ship is sinking,potatoes cost Rs 3/kg .
Then,what is my age?
STUDENT:32 yrs.
Teacher:How do you know?
STUDENT:Well,my sister is 16 yrs old and she is half mad.

Teacher: Where does God live?
Little boy: I think he lives in our bathroom.
Teacher: Why do you say that?
Little boy: Well, every morning my daddy bangs on the door and says,
'God, are you still in there?'

Teacher:"What is your name?".
Student:"Mera naam Suraj Prakash hai.
Teacher:"When I ask a question in english,answer it in english."
Student:"My name is Sunlight"


February 26, 2013


I loved her from the day I saw her at first sight
Nothing was there more than her fetching face
Every breath of my heart entered into the world of delight
You lit my darkness with your brightest smile
It built pain inside my heart that I have never felt before.
I wish you do not belong to someone who is in distant mile.
I will give all my heart to find some way to stand beside thou
I feel without you, my life is incomplete in the darkness
If you were not beautiful I would not have fallen in love with you
I would have been asleep nicely in my bed so deep
You woke my sleep in every night when I tend to sleep
First love is deepest love that leads to depart alone
No logical man can describe how much I love her
Nor the strongest man can push us far behind
To love and to depart is not an easy task I kneel
Love is hardest thing ever measured in the world I feel
Love is battle field in our heart that will not last long
Lost or won battle is only the matter of two fighting lovers Love is uncertain journey in the middle of our two hearts
Some get pain when love does not return to them
Other shed tears when love departs under the depth of despair
Love has no universal code to mention in our desolate repair
To love or not to be loved, faith is the king of lover
Love is blind it says, but feel pain when broken apart
Love is strongest force that can kill many people’s heart
If you really don’t know how to love
Love is life, pain, sorrow, and evil, in any direction
Love is there in our heart only when she is dare to our action
Love is source of inspiration that lead to suffer
If you really do not know how the love that duffer
Lastly love is evil spirit who can destroy people’s heart.

Lastly comments here whether it is true or not!!!


I didn't know what to say
But when I got to know you
Everything went okay

At first we were confused
but later we found out
that we both were abused
when we really needed out

I told you how I felt
and you did the same
But look at us now
with our hearts now in tame

I wish I had told you
but I kept it a secret
That I really do love you
And you won't be a regret



Our bodies will not last on this earth, nevertheless our love for one another so profound and genuine, will linger throughout the oceans and valleys of this great planet until the end of time and even beyond, imbedded into the marvelous patterns of this universe as well as all others. Naturally flowing is my love for you, effortless and full of an exotic grand quality, a stream from all the chambers of my heart into an unbounded ocean of true affinity.
When I say “goodnight” and your body is not physically with me, I am lying to you and myself for when I cannot hear your breath besieging my ears before I sleep it is not a good night. When my arms are unable to reach out and touch you even slightly, they are cold. When my eyes do not see your face or the shape of your body enveloped in a sea of ivory sheets and blankets beside me when I awake from my peaceful slumbers…only peaceful because all my dreams are painted with your essence…I am blind. Butterflies seize the confines of my stomach and flutter eccentrically until I feel sick with nervousness and anxiousness…even after all these years, even though I am more comfortable with you than anyone else.
You gave me what I needed to be myself and love myself, and you did this by loving me at my best and loving me even more at my worst. Today I am proud to be who I am, to look how I look and think how I think. I would not change anything about myself because whatever you love about me I love about myself as well and I would never risk you loving me any less. Your affection is priceless. What I appreciate most is that you never let me forget that I am a good person throughout all the many mistakes I have made.
There are so many reasons why I love you and even more reasons as to why I am in love with you. As if your soul was a puzzle and each day I find something new to start loving but never anything I want to change or stop loving. I fell in love with who you are. I fell in love with a woman from a dark past, a woman who is a bit immature at times, exceptionally jealous, protective of not only my body but my mind and emotions as well, and understanding. My mind, as I write this letter to you is engulfed with the happiness of memories. Memories of meeting you in the past. Along with those memories come dreams, entangled in the fibers of my recollections. Because I do not know how to love without you, each of my aspirations includes an element that is you. The mere thought of being without you is enough to send me diving into the black sea, enough to send aches to my once baron heart and fill my eyes with tears of wretchedness. Even when we allow our bitter enragements or hallow grievances to take control of our actions, no matter what was said or done in the past and no matter what obstacles and halts our relationship came to, the thought of being without you or with another being never…even as a ghostly whisper behind my forward thoughts…entered my mind. The only thing I have to give you at my disposal except for my trust love, purest heart and deepest passions are my sincerest words.