February 26, 2013


I loved her from the day I saw her at first sight
Nothing was there more than her fetching face
Every breath of my heart entered into the world of delight
You lit my darkness with your brightest smile
It built pain inside my heart that I have never felt before.
I wish you do not belong to someone who is in distant mile.
I will give all my heart to find some way to stand beside thou
I feel without you, my life is incomplete in the darkness
If you were not beautiful I would not have fallen in love with you
I would have been asleep nicely in my bed so deep
You woke my sleep in every night when I tend to sleep
First love is deepest love that leads to depart alone
No logical man can describe how much I love her
Nor the strongest man can push us far behind
To love and to depart is not an easy task I kneel
Love is hardest thing ever measured in the world I feel
Love is battle field in our heart that will not last long
Lost or won battle is only the matter of two fighting lovers Love is uncertain journey in the middle of our two hearts
Some get pain when love does not return to them
Other shed tears when love departs under the depth of despair
Love has no universal code to mention in our desolate repair
To love or not to be loved, faith is the king of lover
Love is blind it says, but feel pain when broken apart
Love is strongest force that can kill many people’s heart
If you really don’t know how to love
Love is life, pain, sorrow, and evil, in any direction
Love is there in our heart only when she is dare to our action
Love is source of inspiration that lead to suffer
If you really do not know how the love that duffer
Lastly love is evil spirit who can destroy people’s heart.

Lastly comments here whether it is true or not!!!

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