March 1, 2013


The Question: Prove that (2/10) = 2
  1. The Arts Student: This is out of the syllabus!
  2. The commerce student: “This is wrong”
  3. The Medical Student: ‘It is strange’. “How it is possible”
  4. The Engineering Student: “It is so easy!”

  5. (2/10)
    Where ‘T’ is common, Hence =wo/en
    Now, ‘W’ =23rd letter and ‘O’ = 15th letter.
    Similarly, ‘E’ =5th and N= 14th.
    Hence (wo/en) = (23+15)/(5+14)
    Hence (2/10)=2
    Engineers are never worried for the: “What is answer”
    They will only ask: “Which answer you want”

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